SiteSpinner 2.91g

Complete drag-and-drop editor for creating web sites


  • Very intuitive
  • Comprehensive help system


  • Too basic for medium/advanced users

Very good

If you want to create your own web page but have no idea about where to start, you have two options: either you hire a professional web designer or you try your best by yourself which is, believe me, quite a bit cheaper and far more fun. Are you willing to take the challenge? Here's the application you need.

With SiteSpinner you need absolutely no knowledge of designing or coding whatsoever. Everything is done in the most intuitive way, that is, by dragging and dropping elements onto the program's interface. Working in this WYSIWYG mode allows you to always preview what the final aspect of your website will be, besides being able to rearrange elements and try new layouts in just a few seconds. And in case you get lost, there's a complete Help section available to explain every single detail about the program's functions and tools.

Being such an easy application, SiteSpinner may fall a little too short for more advanced users. You can create web pages from scratch or use a given template and then add text, images and embedded multimedia objects, which is enough for beginners. But if you want to go any further (like using databases or adding user interaction capabilities to your site) then it's probably time to start learning how to code on your own. Don't worry, there's plenty of resources on the Internet!

In any case, SiteSpinner is a very good choice to take the first basic steps in your career as a web designer, or at least a fun tool to play around with.

This application is an easy-to-use yet powerful drag-and-drop editor for quickly creating sophisticated Web sites without having to be an HTML buff. You can use one of the stylish bundled templates to help get you started, or begin with your own design. The app includes built-in graphics features, allowing you to create and edit images and graphics.

Key benefits:

No coding knowledge needed

SiteSpinner is 100 percent WYSIWYG, allowing you to move anything anywhere on the page with your mouse. This means that you don´t need to be some kind of HTML whizz-kid to create decent looking pages with the program.

No need for image editing software

Change the size or properties of any picture right in the work window. As a result, you won't need an external graphics editor in order to whip your images into shape for use on the web.

No need for FTP software

The application gives you the power to publish directly pages and content from SiteSpinner V2 to your web host. All of your images can be automatically uploaded too through the simple-to-use interface.



SiteSpinner 2.91g

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